Improving the Blockscout RSK explorer

The Blockscout RSK explorer has been broken for at least 3 weeks:

Before this issue, Blockscout was actually the best RSK explorer IMO, it is easier to use for accounting purposes than the explorer at

I’d like to call attention to this issue and put some ideas out there for improving other aspects of the Blockscout explorer, for example some improvements that would be helpful for Sovryn users like:

  • Swaps: Making it clearer which asset was exchanged for which other asset
  • Lending: Making it clearer which asset was lent and how many iTokens were received back
  • Borrowing: Making it clearer which asset was put up as collateral and which asset was borrowed
    (Currently the three above are not as clear as they could be on Blockscout, I think Etherscan does a better job showing this data for similar protocols on Ethereum)
  • Show fiat value of the assets involved in a transaction at the time of the transaction (this is a feature that Etherscan has that’d be nice to add to Blockscout)
  • The ability to interact directly with an RSK smart contract from the explorer (another useful feature that Etherscan has, useful in case the feature isn’t exposed in the app UI or the app UI is unavailable for some reason)