Tax Season - Is there API or CSV or something easy for taxes?

Trying to fill missing links in crypto tax software for this tax season. Do we have to try and get all our info. from the wallet we used, or is there somewhere on this Sovryn platform we can download everything CSV style?


There’s no CSV export right now. lqbweb on Discord posted this project he is working on that might be helpful:

fwiw I do all my accounting by hand using the Sovryn history tables and block explorer. It’s a pain but at least I know everything is recorded accurately :crossed_fingers:

Maybe in the future we can get something like to support RSK and Sovryn txs.

I tried looking at the historical AMM swaps and noticed it was missing several transactions. That was about a month ago. Any idea if that bug has since been fixed?

I wasn’t aware of any issue with the history tables. Please create a ticket on Freshdesk with the specific txs you think are missing from your history and the support team can coordinate with the devs to look into it.

I have nearly 20% of all my transactions missing.
This isn’t a good method. I feel this needs more attention. Numerous people have reported missing transactions in the history. The history doesn’t even show a date opened / closed. There should also be a total Entry/Exit/Gas Fee shown that would help also. Trying to track this in painful at a miniumum.
Just my 2 sats.

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I was able to successfully use lqweb’s GitHub. It seems to work. For the very non-technical, like myself, here’s a step by step run-down:

  • Go to GitHub: GitHub - rupebac/rsk_taxes: a small application that generates a CSV file with all transactions happened inside Sovryn / RSK.
  • Click green Code drop down. Install ZIP. Unzip it and save it somewhere on your computer.
  • There is a file called, open it up as a normal text file in wordpad or similar. Paste in and save the following where you’re replacing the <> with your specific api key and rsk wallet address:
  • If you don’t have a covalent API key then go and register for an API key. It will be something that reads "ckey_.
  • Go to your cmd prompt. For windows that just means go into start menu, type cmd and open the black box.
  • Type cd from the second step.
  • Type ‘gradlew :run’ or ‘/gradlew :run’
  • It should start processing and spit out a file called ctc_report.csv in the directory where everything else is saved.

The file should have all your buy and sells, vesting withdrawals, liquidity mining etc. It may take a little bit to familiarize with the file and understand what exactly it all is. However, this will be the basis for a document that you can upload to a tax website like Cointracker.

Normal disclaimer. I am not a CPA. Pay your taxes. Hope this helps.

Feel free to post any questions or follow ups.



Thanks for bringing that to my attention, hadn’t seen that thread before. This issue has been logged.

I will look into this. I wonder if it would be possible for Sovern to incorporate this type of info into the protocol and allow a tax section. I know taxes/soverign don’t always mix, but it still up to the individual what they do with the information. Thanks for the info dseroy!

Thank You Light! :heart: :white_heart: :heart: :white_heart:

I’m getting a command not found error on step Type gradlew :run. Any idea how to fix it?

FIgured it out. Type - ./gradlew :run

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Running into the following error.

“Can’t find TokenContract for address: 0xef213441a85df4d7acbdae0cf78004e1e486bb96”

Any ideas how to troubleshoot?

Nevermind. Realized I just needed to define the address in and that worked.

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Any help on what I’m doing wrong here or what I have typed wrong. I can’t get this to work or run.