Sovryn Partner Airdrop Form

A runes exchange we are friends with asked to airdrop tokens to the Sovryn community. This is coming from a potential partner and not from Sovryn directly.

Please provide your RSK address and Ordinals address (bc1p) in the form below.

Here’s an example of a “bc1p” Ordinal address: bc1pcer449m4gfchstxgdmhkzgyg5hnhxgw27nn7ge6v7cw5lhqxn34s7yeyka"
(Do not confuse it with “bc1q” addresses)

This form is capped, and only a certain amount of people will be eligible for the airdrop (Yes more than 100).

Your email is not required, nor do you need to be connected to fill out this form. If you’re automatically connected, try using incognito mode to prevent linking with your Google account.

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